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6:41Rudy Giuliani's Borat Prank
Rudy Giuliani's Borat Prankvisningar 565tn2 dagar sedan
6:35What Are the Real Benefits of Taking Vitamin C?
15:46Wesley Hunt's Issues with The Green New Deal
12:23Joe Rogan's Thoughts on The Social Dilemma
Joe Rogan's Thoughts on The Social Dilemmavisningar 1,6mn11 dagar sedan
12:44The Current State of Coronavirus Confusion
The Current State of Coronavirus Confusionvisningar 588tn11 dagar sedan
9:32Roy Jones Jr. on Facing Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr. on Facing Mike Tysonvisningar 2,6mn12 dagar sedan
3:33Roy Jones Jr. On Getting Robbed in the Olympics
4:21Colin Quinn Remembers Tough Crowd
Colin Quinn Remembers Tough Crowdvisningar 162tn17 dagar sedan
4:19Colin Quinn's Odd Encounter with Bill Cosby
Colin Quinn's Odd Encounter with Bill Cosbyvisningar 542tn17 dagar sedan
7:37How the US Government Fails to Support Veterans
7:10The Problem with the Standard American Diet
The Problem with the Standard American Dietvisningar 729tn18 dagar sedan
4:56Michael Jordan's Ego
Michael Jordan's Egovisningar 782tn19 dagar sedan
4:32Why Has Bill Gates Become a Villain?
Why Has Bill Gates Become a Villain?visningar 598tn24 dagar sedan
3:35What's the Deal with Hunter Biden?
What's the Deal with Hunter Biden?visningar 1mn24 dagar sedan
10:20The Secrecy Behind the Origins of Psychedelics
9:34Joe Rogan on Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul
7:32How Bridget Phetasy Beat Her Hypochondria
5:50Denial of Biden's Cognitive Decline
Denial of Biden's Cognitive Declinevisningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
16:47The History and Dangers of Pesticides
The History and Dangers of Pesticidesvisningar 123tnMånad sedan
5:57The Implications of Sex Robots
The Implications of Sex Robotsvisningar 562tnMånad sedan
8:22Is a Technological Takeover Inevitable
Is a Technological Takeover Inevitablevisningar 136tnMånad sedan
14:28The Dangers of Protests
The Dangers of Protestsvisningar 905tnMånad sedan
13:25Are the Aliens Coming?
Are the Aliens Coming?visningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
5:56Adam Curry on Talks Social Media Censorship
6:06Adam Curry Explains ADOS
Adam Curry Explains ADOSvisningar 337tnMånad sedan
6:31Mike Tyson Finds Fighting To Be...Arousing
5:33Joe Rogan on Tent Cities, Defunding the Police
10:01What is the Deal with Bohemian Grove?
What is the Deal with Bohemian Grove?visningar 941tnMånad sedan
4:34Joe on the David Blaine Podcast "He's a Master"
3:18Nikki Glaser and Joe Rogan on Men Who Cry
Nikki Glaser and Joe Rogan on Men Who Cryvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
9:45Nikki Glaser Details Her Porn Habits
Nikki Glaser Details Her Porn Habitsvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
9:50David Blaine is Lucky with Dice
David Blaine is Lucky with Dicevisningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
4:33The Shift From Actor to Activist
The Shift From Actor to Activistvisningar 601tn2 månader sedan
4:51The Ellen Degeneres Backlash
The Ellen Degeneres Backlashvisningar 5mn2 månader sedan
4:05Why Tim Dillon Moved to the Desert
Why Tim Dillon Moved to the Desertvisningar 288tn2 månader sedan
7:08Tim Dillon Explains QAnon
Tim Dillon Explains QAnonvisningar 1,7mn2 månader sedan
5:40Tim Dillon: Trump is a Narcissist
Tim Dillon: Trump is a Narcissistvisningar 324tn2 månader sedan
1:55"Keeping up with The Kardashian Surgeries"
"Keeping up with The Kardashian Surgeries"visningar 122tn2 månader sedan
4:14Ron Funches Went to Pro Wrestling School
Ron Funches Went to Pro Wrestling Schoolvisningar 71tn2 månader sedan
4:42How Ron Funches Lost Weight AND Kept it Off
How Ron Funches Lost Weight AND Kept it Offvisningar 196tn2 månader sedan
9:29Joey Diaz's Relationship with Cops
Joey Diaz's Relationship with Copsvisningar 684tn2 månader sedan
3:10Is a Texas Comedy Club in Joe Rogan's Future?
Is a Texas Comedy Club in Joe Rogan's Future?visningar 193tn2 månader sedan
11:56Best of the Week - August 2, 2020
Best of the Week - August 2, 2020visningar 109tn2 månader sedan
10:18Rob Lowe Recounts Bombing at the 1989 Oscars
Rob Lowe Recounts Bombing at the 1989 Oscarsvisningar 314tn2 månader sedan
8:27Rob Lowe and His Sons Went Hunting for Bigfoot
Rob Lowe and His Sons Went Hunting for Bigfootvisningar 384tn2 månader sedan
8:19Rob Lowe Talks Tommy Boy, Chris Farley
Rob Lowe Talks Tommy Boy, Chris Farleyvisningar 478tn2 månader sedan
5:35Rob Lowe Tells Phil Hartman, SNL Stories
Rob Lowe Tells Phil Hartman, SNL Storiesvisningar 419tn2 månader sedan
20:41The Junk Science That's Admissible Evidence
The Junk Science That's Admissible Evidencevisningar 171tn2 månader sedan


  • Weed is a lot safer than many other substances, and should be legal, but there is no denying that it has downsides- to disregard this is just ignorance

  • Some how Alex Jones knows what he's talking about

  • DJT has started a child trafficking task force this week. It got almost 0 coverage from MSM.

  • Clearly joe Rogan from the future, glasses won’t trick me!

  • Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise Crazy, just be glad it's him not you. If you had Tom Cruise's troubles, you might be Tom Cruise crazy, too.

  • It's so refreshing to hear a person with sense for a change.

  • I get where he's coming from but at the same time it's why I'm not a believer. I don't need religion or the bible to feel fulfilled or to be a good person. But I do not judge those that need or want to use those things to improve their lives. This is one of the greatest freedoms of living in a country like the USA. To each their own as long as you're not hurting anyone

  • The ignorance of processes here defies credulity. These skulls are not difficult to make. They take time but there are at least three or four ways to make them without leaving processing marks. Some mechanical some by hand processes. They also require a high level of skill.

  • True Detective dope!!

  • Dudes in his seventies and was tucking his pants in.

  • Iron Mike is undefeated in my opinion🐲🐉

  • I met Buzz Aldrin from the moon...!

  • All it takes is silently in the privacy of your own room ask Jesus to come into your life and transform it for the will of God. HE promised he would, and he does. (Former rx drug addict now child of God)

  • Matthew has been everywhere promoting his book. I’ve listened to him on this, Hot Ones and Russel Wilson’s podcast this week lol

  • Omg mans sensitive. Its the hype around the fight. Fighters been doing it forever! Fuck face is just sensitive.

  • I really love Mud , Gold , !

  • Your brain works better when you starve yourself because it goes into survival mode. Your natural instincts and senses become heightened. After a 48 or 72 hour fast my mind is super sharp!

  • kacey musgraves

  • Dallas buyers club was great. Instant fan of this guy after seeing it.

  • Power trio!

  • I live right next to this place, and I had no clue about how cool it is

  • If you listen carefully, you'll know the pieces fit.

  • Bill drops so many gems 💎 in this clip!!! 😂😭😅 God bless you

  • Joe wtf are are you doing? Fake News?

  • The burning bush is just an example of God's power and infinite ability. Its not a lesson in itself, its just a means to illustrate the conversation with Moses. The principles and lessons from the scripture and Prophet stories are the practical applications

  • Irresponsible of Blaine saying you can do this, that the body can handle it. It's clearly a trick and some kid somewhere is gonna hurt themselves.

  • I can’t stand Rudy Giuliani. But he did nothing wrong in this case.. he got tricked and still behave appropriately. The girl was CLEARLY baiting him and sending him signals. It’s natural that the poor bastard thought he might be getting lucky. And clearly he was tucking in the shirt that had just been untucked.

    • This smear attempt by Cohen backfired. I have more sympathy for Giuliani than I did before and more disgust with the democrats, ostensibly my party.

  • Seems like a very interesting person would love to have a drink with mathew

  • Being from Utah this was the best way to explain living there.

  • He’s definitely voting Trump, but will play his cards close to the chest. Wouldn’t want to piss off the cancel culture line poor Chris Pratt, who’s now getting fucking death threats for not joining his NPC co stars in funding “The Big Guy”.

  • Joe Rogan is obsessed with weight loss

  • Actually this is a NOTHINGBURGER. Nothing criminal or even inappropriate; Just an old man that got duped into believing a young girl was attracted to him. This is clearly two adults in a consensual situation. In fact Sasha and Maria invited, or lured, him back to her hotel room. She's attractive and I would have seen that as a green light, although my opening move would be smoother than grabbing my D. I like Sasha's work but much of it is mean and in this case politically motivated. SHAME on entertainers dragging their politics into our living rooms when we are trying to escape that madness. She is 24 NOT 15, and posing as an international reporter.

  • Ok.....Trans Olympics......Trans football.......Trans golf?

  • She un tucks his shirt taking the mic off and says keep your jacket on he was tucking his shirt back in and never says she's 15 until borat runs in

  • Best actor in Hollywood. Him and Tom Cruise.

  • I seen this a hundred times and I still laugh my ass off.

  • You see, this woman is the kind that needs to get a whole ass protest going on outside where she lives. She is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Americans because of her refusal to be objective.

  • 100% feel him in the skepticism, I literally call tide acts magic all the time

  • Lol Russell’s one sentence is like in one of those complicated books where im always left thinking “this has to be a run-on”

  • shout out to Redban. the OG.

  • The sound is really bad for some reason.

  • The actress was 24 I thought jamie could do googling for ya man, bit of a defamation case saying what you said joe rogan

  • Have read that in Russia extreme fasting is used to effectively treat diabetes, auto lmmune disease..the list goes on. Western ideology has it that you eat your way to health but alt science supports starving the body as the best source of releasing growth hormones, super charging immune system

  • Spotify has got you by the balls😂

  • Its not a fine art . Its simple . Thats the rub.

  • This guy is lying 😂🙄

  • He was takeing off his mic

  • I feel better eating the 5 food groups

  • I make my own wine from kits. Age one year. No chemicals and three dollars a bottle.

  • came here just for the comments

  • Dark version sound like he had to kill the nazi dude

  • Dave is a good story teller, and a little funny. But Eddie Van Halen is, and always will be one of the greatest guitar players the world has ever seen ! Rock On Brother ! Often imitated, but you will never be equaled ! RIP

  • THIS is the speech that changed EVERYTHING!

  • Scary I feel the rich fuel the industry's. Some religions say if it dosnt bother you then it's ok. Some religions use everyone who's not part of there religion

  • When you watch it unedited it's really not what it seems it's a movie ok it's obviously been edited for maximum effect. If it was so nefarious Rudy wouldn't have reported it to police when it happened just stop!!

  • Lmfao I don’t think it exactly works like that but they said computers was a crazy idea

  • Eddie is one of those stoners who thinks he's a brilliant genius when he's high, but he just comes across as a complete carnival act to sober people.

  • Thanks joe I really needed that

  • Over dick oil zaitun

  • I sometimes think our lives are on repeat. As if we relive it over and over again through eternity. And those dreams of deja vu moments we have as like our "hard drives" that have been erased but ever so often, old storage exists and we somehow without knowing how tap into those memories.

  • Over dick oil zaitun

  • Don't get me wrong but, Joe is too stupid for this kind of conversations! Matthew is deep thinker, very intelectual, more like Jordan Peterson.

  • Sellout

  • I do know what to do with California! Any Hollywood actors want to become more popular than your wildest imagination, be like Matthew McConaughey. Religion separates people because that is the purpose! The believers vs nonbelievers. One is life ever after the other is live now because it ain’t forever... you choose. Love Mconaughey!

  • Sjw are NOT half the population. They are a TINY portion of america amplified by the media to appear as some large force. The fact is whenever you even acknowledge these idiots you are giving them justification and causing them to exist. That is the whole point of the pseudo conservative alt media movement who hustbhappen to all be CALI LIBERAL COMMIE TURDS. To acknowledge the sjw over and over, even if it is in a tone of sarcasm and disapproval, is to manifest these trash human sjws into the large force the media pretends they are. They are feigning disdain and disapproval in an effort to move their party of useful idiots, to manifest, into Austin followed by a push towards the east coast. Dont be fooled by these fools. They only pretend to be conservative. Having military friends, one of our, institutions under attack by socialist media justice or SMJ, does not automatically give you a conservative card

  • 9:53 my goodness! Ed Calderon's hand is shaking. I think he's scared telling this story 😥

  • Bruh this guy needs to stop cutting Joe, I wanna know what he's about say.

  • Joe "two watches" Rogan lol

  • Cooking rendang

  • Guiliani is telling the truth. I dont like borat movies. I find them mean.

  • Baflow beef i like it

  • Used to hate him when I was a kid for no reason he’s proper quality actor tho sorry Matthew bro

  • Probably experienced high level of neurogenesis, losing that weight and sticking to that diet meant new brain cells developed

  • senewss.info/slow/pcuXoK-Ef6aZg6o/video

  • Trump 2020

  • 800,000 kids a year go missing annually yet hardly any press

  • Why does the Miley Cyrus shirt look exactly like my old NIN shirt from HS?

  • Rohma take birth

  • Damn California caterers coming into Colorado turn the state blue. They make me sick.

  • <GAL GADOT DECLARES, “WHOEVER IS NOT A FEMINIST, IS A SEXIST” Gadot is just as much a feminist icon on-screen as she is off-screen. AUG 29, 2017 1:03AMBY KATIE STOW>